Thursday, July 29, 2010

White Lies

I don't know about the rest of you, but I tell lies. Little ones. Little white ones........

We had one of those big flash 2 door fridges, and I guess I tend to be a little rough on gear. Well one day I was busy stuffing about 3 dozen oranges, 2 kilos of tomatoes and 3 lettuces along with a whole bunch of other stuff into one of the vege crispers, when I must have jammed it all in there a little too hard and I broke the drawer.

DH was totally unimpressed.

So I had to get myself out of pickle quick-smart. I told him "It's okay, love - there must be a fault in the drawer. I will speak to the warranty people."

So after about 35 phone calls I arranged to have a new drawer sent to the local electrical place, at a cost of about $30. DH was under the impression it was a warranty claim, and thought I was just the BEST wife ever, to be able to get stuff replaced like that for nothing!!! I even had to get Mum to go pick up the new drawer and slip her the money without him finding out.

But I got away with it.

Until we bought another fridge and I broke the shelf that holds the stupid drawer.

Back to square 1. Soooooooooooo I spoke to the electrical people and had to cart the glass shelf, and the drawer in and out of the shop I don't know how many times; phone calls to the repair man, etc, etc, but I actually managed to get the shelf replaced FOR NOTHING.
Happy me!

Then DH decided we also DESERVED a new drawer (it's under warranty), as in the process it had managed to fall out of the fridge onto the tile floor with bits 'n pieces chipping off. And he wanted me to go talk to them again. Of which I promptly refused.

So he decided he would.
Oh crap.

He went marching in there, telling them how their service was disgusting, and THE LAST PLACE didn't need to see the drawer!!!! "My wife phoned, and they replaced it NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! Now why can't you provide a service like THAT?!?!? IT'S UNDER WARRANTY!!!"
I wanted the Earth to swallow me whole.

But...... we got the shelf replaced, and the drawer is on it's way.

And I'm not telling any more little white lies.

At least for now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Son

I have a son. He's not conventional.

Each day I rush home from work so we can do our thing.

I feel like a bad mother that he's left at home all day by himself.

So we walk.
(he walks me)

This is our path.

We do this on the way:
(how embarrassment!)

But we come to this!

I love him a million!

He is Jack.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Ok, so I work in Tully. Tully is the wettest town in Australia. No seriously. The wettest. Our town monument is a giant freaking gumboot.

And every year it floods and the roads close:

(the street to my office)

And it can be most inconvenient, and all the water turns to roads to cr*p, but it keeps peeps on the council employed and means it's always very green!!

But it is so beautiful here!

Every morning at sparrows on my drive to work I smile. I smile at how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I smile when I see the cows chewing their cud with those tall skinny white birds sitting on their backs eating ticks 'n things.

I especially smile when I see the baby cows. They're called bubajews.

I am ecstatic when I see cassowaries. And I do. Not as often as I like but it do! I'm one of those crazy people on the road that stops dead, flashing my lights and carrying on at every vehicle within cooee. Even if the cassowary is 50 metres off the road. Because they are special.

How can you not smile at that?

Okay so my sister is like really really good at this stuff, right, so I'm going to have a go too. Just give me about a month to work out how to do it......

Sunday, July 11, 2010